Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Masking tape technique cards

I have been seeing cards made with the masking tape technique all over the internet and Facebook.  It inspired me to give it a try. 

The end result – very pretty and so, so easy.  Like learning any new technique though, it takes trial and error.

-        -   Use blue painters tape so it doesn’t rip the card
-         -  Spread a strip of tape diagonally across the ink pad and press down to ink the tape
-          - Rub finger firmly along the tape to get a dark, consistent result
-          - Rub lightly along tape to get a lighter, less consistent result
-          - If your card is bigger than the length of your tape, press down with the length you have, then re-ink it, line it up with the existing line and press down

First Attempt
This time I got too much ink on the tape and pressed it too firmly to the card which resulted in an almost solid line with very dark ink colouring.  Plus, the darker the ink colour the more solid it tends to look on the card.

Stamp set:  Teacher Appreciation D1612
Inks: Hollyhock, Lagoon & Gypsy

Second Attempt
Still a bit solid... had to go back and re-ink the edges on both sides.  This made the overall stripes too dark.

Stamp set: Treasured Friendship C1594
Inks: Glacier, Crystal Blue & Indian Corn Blue

Third Attempt
The stripes are less solid and have more character!  Definitely on the right track.

Stamp set: Treasured Friendship C1594
Inks: Glacier, Crystal Blue & Indian Corn Blue

* * * 

Keep experimenting and crafting!

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