Tuesday, February 24, 2015

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hopscotch and Heartstrings Side Step Cards

Singing Butterfly Adornments
Darcel Kirvan – An Independent Close to my Heart Consultant

Side Step Cards
This style of card is actually very easy to make, but the depth and dimension make it look complex.  You will impress friends and family alike.  (My husband asked if the cards were cut on the Cricut.)

Supplies Needed:
-          Cardstock and decorative papers
-          Pencil and eraser
-          Paper cutter (or craft knife and cutting mat)
-          Scoring tool and board (or paper cutter with scoring element)
-          Stamps and inks or die cut images to decorate the card
-          Adhesive of choice

Instructions for a 5”x7” Side Step Card
1.            Choose the cardstock you would like to use for the base of your card and cut it so that is                   measures 7” x 10”.

2.            For ensured precision, I like to use small pencil markings where the cut and fold lines will be. (You can skip this step if you are confident or if you are well acquainted with your paper cutter and scoring board.) Use your ruler or cutting board to measure all of the markings and indicate with small pencil marks.  (See dimensions in steps 3, 4, 7 and 8 or refer to cutting and scoring diagram.)

3.            The first cut will be made 2” into the paper (or for a slightly wider frame use 2.5").  I usually make a pencil mark on both ends of the paper and match up my cutting board to those marks.  The marks should be made on the short side of the paper (7”).

4.            The cut is made 2.5” in from the left side of the paper.  Line up your paper on your cutting board.  Place the cutting blade 1” down.  The cut will run from 1” to 7.5” down.  (Use the arrows on the cutting blade to line up the proper dimensions.) 

5.            Cutting is now complete.

6              Place your cardstock on your scoring board.  Make sure the 10” side is running along the upper edge of your scoring board.  The score marks are going to run from the edge to the cut line.  

7.            Score the paper at 1” down, 2” down, 3.5” down and 7.5” down.  Run these score marks from the edge of the paper to the cut line.  The score marks should be 5” in length.   

8.            Do not move the paper.  Now score the entire width of the card at the 5” mark.  This score line will provide the middle fold line for your card.

9.            Remove your cardstock from the scoring board. It is now time to fold the card.  I like to start with the middle fold, but you can begin at the bottom and work to the top (or vice versa.)

10.          Now to fold the steps of the card.
a) Fold the first score line (1”) with the score line upward (mountain fold). 
b) Fold the second line (2”) with the score line downward (valley fold).
c) Continue on in this pattern – up then down or mountain then valley fold.  Third line (3.5”) is up/mountain.  Fourth line (5”) is down/valley.  (You will actually be reversing the existing fold if you starting by folding the card in half.)  Fifth line (7.5”) is up/mountain.

Your folded card base should now look like this:

11.          Decorate with stamps, die cuts and paper as desired.

Tip:  You can reverse the card and have the steps on the left side.

Alternate option: a 5”x5” card

This option creates a square shaped side step card. 

1.       Cut your cardstock base so that it measures 5” x 10”. 

Paper saving tip: If using a 12” piece of cardstock, you can create two card bases from only one sheet of paper.

2.       Use the same dimensions for cutting and scoring as used in the 5”x7” card above. Use the same folding instructions as well. (Steps 2 through 10.)

3.       Decorate as desired using paper, stamps and die cut images.

Supplies Used

Monster 5x5 card
Presents, birthday hat and cake slice stamps from A1143 Teddy Bear Birthday
Monster stamps and “love ya silly” sentiment from B1470 Love Ya Silly
“birthday wishes” phrase from D1514 Just a Number
Phrase balloon from S1404 Balloon Talk
Cardstock – Colonial White, Sky Blue plus B&T duo Heartstrings
Inks – Cranberry, Lagoon, Blue Sky, Whisper, Hollyhock
Plus lagoon markers,  and current Peony Shin Han marker

Cupcake 5x5 card
Cardstock – Colonial White
B&T Hopscotch
Stamp set – cupcake, display tray and “everywhere” phrase from  S1412 Cute Pie
“birthday greetings” phrase from Just a Number D1514
Inks – cupcake in Flaxen, sponged with  and marker Cherry Peony
Indian Corn Blue, Ponderosa Green